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Gun Play

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 9 November 2008 08:56 (A review of Equilibrium)

The cover of the DVD compares this movie to The Matrix. There are some similarities but this is no Matrix. The world of Matrix was more developed because of the trilogy, but Equilibrium does a very good job of creating its own future world. The idea of this world is that humans can't have feelings and emotions any more. Once this has been established then there won't be any more war and death. (I don't know how they were supposed to have relationships and children but they managed this somehow.)

To do this there is a special force that seeks out an underground movement that is trying to preserve the old way of life. Christian Bale is the lead enforcer and is very efficient in his work. He takes out the opposition without any emotion or remorse. The plot in the movie takes hold when he stops taking the drug that suppresses emotions. This causes him to second guess his mission in life and thickens the plot. He starts to feel for his victums and really doesn't put his heart into his job any more.

The action in this movie is very well crafted and choreographed. The Gun-fu fighting scenes are fast and furious. The extras section on the DVD talks about how the concept came to be and put into the movie. If you are an action junky, I think you will be pleased with this movie. A lot of bullets fly and in turn a lot of bodies will fall. Enjoy!


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Don't blink

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 9 November 2008 08:38 (A review of Vantage Point (Single-Disc Edition))

This thriller has more twists and turns then a Tarantino movie. Once you start this movie you don't want to get up without pausing first. If you do, you may miss a key piece of the puzzle and have trouble following the rest of the movie.

The movie follows the point of view of the main characters of the movie. Each one of their view points is shown for the assassination. The only problem with this is that you get to see the assassination over and over again. As each character is followed, another layer of the plot is revealed leading up to an explosive conclusion. The ensemble cast that was brought together for the film is amazingly strong. This leads to a lot of strong performances.

This was a fun movie to watch in the theaters and at home on my small screen. The extra features aren't anything to write home about, but my family had a lot of fun watching this one.


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stoner's film

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 25 October 2008 07:15 (A review of Pineapple Express)

Light up a joint or fire up the bong, sit back, and enjoy. This is definantly a film that will be better served up with a little bit of herb. Even without the herb you will get more than a few laughs out of the movie. The movie is a dark comedy and pretty silly at times, so you should be ready for an experience that is off the wall.

Our two heroes in this movie go on enough adventures to last a stoner's lifetime. Most stoners like to kick back and listen to good tunes or veg out to a good movie. These guys get chased, shot at, and almost arrested. Not your average day for a stoner, but it leads us to a lot of laughs. If you've ever indulged in the herb, you will probably laugh along with this one.


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Fun movie

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 25 October 2008 06:58 (A review of Eagle Eye)

I was kind of surprised at the release date of this film. It looked like a summer film, but was released after school started. Most of the time that means that the film is really lacking something and the distributor wanted to dump the film in a dead zone after summer. Well the trailers looked exciting and I have been really enjoy Shia's films so I went for this one.

I was pleased with the film and had a great time watching it. The film cranks up on the action in the first scenes and never lets up. I took my family and we all had a lot of fun. The chase scenes are huge and lots of things are blown up or destroyed.

One let down was the bad guy in this movie. When you find out what it is, you will kind of shake your head. The bad guy isn't very realistic, but if you say this is fiction, you can get past it. The bad guy did make for a tough foe and add to the suspense of the film. This film is worth the price of admission and is one that you could take the whole family to watch.


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Family friendly

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 25 October 2008 06:42 (A review of Journey to the Center of the Earth)

This film is loosely (very loosely) based on Jules Vernes book. I think to watch this one you have to take a step back and realize that this is fiction and fantasy. The challenges and obstacles faced by the characters aren't very realistic and possible to overcome. But if you say that this is fantasy and anything is possible, you will be OK. I also wasn't real impressed with the computer animation (I saw the 2D version). I think the kids will be more impressed with this one. It has a few monsters that will keep them on the edge of their seats. This is one that is worth a bargain ticket or a wait for DVD.


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A pretty good western

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 25 October 2008 06:33 (A review of Appaloosa)

I admit it, I am a sucker for a good western. Even though most westerns follow a similar story line, a good guy comes to the rescue to try to stop a bad guy. This movie follows that formula except that this time it is two guys (Ed Harris and Viggo Mortenson) that come to a town's rescue for a very bad guy (Jeremy Irons). You throw in a damsel in distress and you have the makings of a good movie. This movie didn't rely on special effects or lots of blood and guts, it had a good cast and strong performances. It wasn't the best western I've seen, but it was very entertaining and worth a couple hours of my time.


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Wait for cable

Posted : 9 years, 5 months ago on 25 October 2008 06:19 (A review of Babylon A.D.)

This is one time when I will have to say that the critics were correct. I went into this one wanting to see an action film. I wasn't disappointed in that respect, but the story that went with the action was really weak and not well told. There were a few good fight and chase scenes, but the story was pretty much no where to be found. This is one film that would be worth waiting for cable TV.


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Great fun for the whole family

Posted : 9 years, 9 months ago on 8 July 2008 05:29 (A review of WALL·E)

My kids have been begging to watch this movie every sense the adds started. I've got to admit that was OK with me. I love Pixar's movies. This one will rank as one of their best to date.

I was amazed at how well the movie's story was told with the little amount of dialogue that was used. The expressions seen from the charaters told most of the emotions and story for you. This was wonderfully done. The movie will make you laugh and cheer for Wall-e. You will also feel sorrow for him at times. This is what makes the film work, you really will get an attachment for the characters.

Needless to say this was a great movie experience for my whole family. If you don't get out to the movies often because of the high prices, this one is worth making an investment in with your family. Get out of the heat and spend a couple of hours with Wall-e, you'll love it!


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An unusual robbery

Posted : 9 years, 9 months ago on 8 July 2008 05:19 (A review of Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)

This movie has an amazing cast that works wonderfully together. The emotions and feeling the characters have towards one another really shine through in the performances. This acting is needed to pull off the emotionaly roller coaster ride that the story takes you on during the film.

The movie revolves around two brothers (Hoffman and Hawke) that are are having money problems. They come up with an idea getting easy money. The idea revolves around stealing money from a small jewelry store. Great idea but of course everything doesn't go according to the plan.

Once their problems start, they keep growing larger and larger like a snowball rolling downhill. This keeps you in suspense as you want to see what will happen to these two. Sydney Lumet is a master film maker and this one is definantely worth watching. You will think your watching a film from a fresh new director that is experimenting with new ideas. Instead you are watching a wiley old veteran that is beautifully crafting a marvelous film.

Note: This is an adult film. The children shouldn't be watching it with you unless they are older. It contains nudity, sex, and hard core drug useage.


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A few twists and turns

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 3 May 2008 06:08 (A review of Awake)

This was an interesting movie to watch. It is basically a suspense thriller that tries to keep you guessing its outcome. Once I heard that it had twists in the plot it was pretty easy to guess what would happen. I wasn't too thrilled to watch a guy awake on an operating table for two hours. It really was interesting watching the plot play out. The scenes cut in and out of the operating room and the pace of the film kept moving. Even though I figured out the twist, it was still fun to watch. It is worth a rental price for an evenings entertainment.


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